Golf Cart Rules

**NEW** Golf Carts are to be operated by LICENSED DRIVERS ONLY! The only time a non-licensed driver is permitted to operate a Golf Cart is when there is a licensed PARENT/GRANDPARENT next to them on the cart.

**NEW**Golf Carts are required to have your Lot # on both sides of the cart. Lot # stickers are the responsibility of the seasonal camper and must be applied immediately.

**NEW** Golf Carts are required to be parked by midnight. 

**NEW** Golf Carts are no longer allowed on the Beach Area of the park. There will be signs posted that will state "No Golf Carts Past This Point". 

Golf Carts are not to be driven by non-licensed people after 9 PM, or after streetlights come on, whichever occurs first, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Golf Carts are not to be driven by non-licensed people on holiday weekends, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

12 and under must be accompanied by a parent/grandparent while on the cart. A licensed sibling, relative or friend will not due, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Golf carts must be driven only on the roads, do not cut through lots (including weekend sites), and do not enter the woods on a golf cart.  

Golf Cart drivers not driving responsibly will lose their Golf Cart driving privileges, and in some cases, may have their Golf Cart removed from the park for the remainder of the season.

All golf carts must have working headlights and taillights if driven after dark.  

You are only permitted to carry as many passengers as your seating will allow (4-6 people max).

No standing/hanging on the back, sides or front or hanging legs behind while seated.

DO NOT pull your friends beside or behind you while on a skateboard, bike or any other apparatus.

IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN A GOLF CART ACCIDENT, please adhere to these new requirements set by our insurance:

  1. ACCIDENT MUST be reported to Doug or park manager immediately. If after hours, locate park manager or send help to get the Park Manager. Park Manager house is located next to the Office.
  2. DO NOT move the cart from its crashed position other to assist an injured person.
  3. ALL parties involved in the accident are to stay on site until a formal Accident Report has been filled out by Park Manager.

Wrecking a Golf Cart is grounds for immediate loss of driving privileges and depending on the severity and/or cause, immediate removal of Golf Cart from the park until further notice. 

Insurance on your Golf Cart is your responsibility; Long Lake is not responsible for any damages, man-made or Mother Nature made that may occur to your Golf Cart. The management and owners of Long Lake will not be responsible for any loss occurring in the park due to theft, fire, property damage, or personal injury. Anyone entering the campground does so at their own risk.

Despite the dangers of camping in the outdoors, the campsite user hereby accepts the risk.  Further, Campsite User hereby releases Long Lake Park Campground and Hawkins Homes, Inc., its shareholders, agents, and management for any present or future claims. INCLUDING A CLAIM FOR NEGLIGENCE, for property damage, personal injury or death arising from any participation in any camping activity, recreational activity, swimming, boating or actions of another Campsite User or guest of a Campsite User. Campsite User further specifically agrees to indemnify and hold the owner harmless from any and all damages, wrongful death, or injuries of every kind arising out of the operation or use of Campsite Users site, unit or camping equipment.

Anyone who creates a NUISANCE will be asked to leave without refund.

Quiet hours are from 11pm to 8am. Please be considerate of those around you.  Your music is for your enjoyment and should not be heard off your campsite. These rules are strictly enforced, and violations are not taken lightly.

Our speed limit is 5 MPH in the park for ALL modes of transportation. Please obey the 5 MPH and watch out for the safety of all our kids. We will remove your driving privileges if you continue to violate the rule.

You are required to keep your Golf Cart clean and in working order. No "projects" allowed.

Alcohol beverages must be kept in moderation, under control and on your campsite. Glass bottles are not permitted off your campsite for any reason, and this includes on golf carts.

Smoking is permitted while on your Golf Cart with one exception, PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUTTS with you! 





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