General Rules

                        LONG LAKE PARK CAMPGROUND RULES


You are entering an area that may have natural hazards. The hazards could be of many different kinds. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you see something that may concern you, please inform the office immediately. 

Because of unforeseen power outages, we suggest minimum amounts of perishables, if any, be left in your refrigerator. The campground is not responsible for lost items due to an electrical outage, and we will not call you during or after an outage. It is your responsibility.

If the park staff is asked to provide assistance of any kind while you are away, charges will be discussed and assessed at that time. During season we are very busy and our time is extremely valuable.

PARK STAFF WILL NOT MOVE SHEDS OR DECKS WITH TRACTOR OR ANY OTHER PIECE OF PARK EQUIPMENT, that is the seasonal campers’ responsibility. However, we will assist in moving a camper with the Skid Steer or Tractor if required, with prior approval from Doug or Park Manager.

We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone on our properties and facilities, or add / change a rule at any time for the good of the business and/or the safety of our guests.

Respect your fellow campers, their campsite, and their property. DO NOT cross through people’s yards to take a "shortcut". Stay on the roads while walking/riding in the park out of respect for others.

**NEW** The Arcade has been permanently closed.

**NEW** The Arcade building will be turned into an Event Hall during the 2022 Camping Season and will be available to rent once it is complete. Further information to follow.

All children under the age of 13 must be at THEIR campsite by 9 PM unless staying with a friend, then they will need to be on that site by 9 PM. All children under the age of 18 must be at THEIR campsite by 11 PM.

No outdoor appliances. Please keep extra refrigerators inside a shed.

Those of you who do not have individually metered sites, we will read meters at the start of the season, June 1, July 1, August 1, Sept 1, October 1 and then a final one at the end of October. You pay what you use. Outstanding balances are due by the 15th.

All site care (mowing, weed eating, leaf pickup, keeping the site tidy, woodpiles, etc.) is the responsibility of the seasonal camper. If we must mow, weed eat, or clean your site, there will be a $25.00 charge for each occurrence.

Site alterations are not permitted. This includes tampering with breaker boxes on your power pole and changing or cutting any park pluming (sewer or water). If you have questions, ask Doug or the Park Manager.

Storage sheds and decks must be pre-approved by Doug or the Park Manager. All landscape alterations become property of the park and must remain when you leave.

Prior to any site work, Doug or Park Manager must approve any changes to sites: decks, walkways, sheds, structures, trailer placement, electric or TV dishes.

Prior approval by Doug or Park Manager is required before assembly or delivery of a shed. Size is to be no larger than 8'x8' and only one story and it must be vinyl.

Please do not blow your leaves in the road or on another camp site and leave them. Pick them up and take them to the compost area at the top of the hill. Compost area will be clearly marked with a sign. DO NOT throw non-compostable items into the compost area. DO NOT throw trash of any kind (fruits, veggies, eggshells, etc.) in the compost area as they will attract rodents. 

Your trash needs to be taken to the dumpsters during your stay and prior to your departure. There is no trash pickup. If you leave trash on your site after you depart, a $25.00 pickup fee will be assessed.

Do not put any decks, blocks/bricks, furniture, awnings, appliances, grills, lawn mowers in our dumpsters, or any other kind of bulky OR metal trash that is not generated here during your stay. If you have an item that needs to be thrown out and you have questions, please come to the store to discuss.

All non-sewer sites requiring an additional pump out will be charged $25.00 and will only be done if time and staff allow. There are no guarantees!  If you are staying at your site and require a normal (not additional) pump out, you are required to stop in the office before you leave the campground to be placed on the list for a pump. Otherwise, we will not check your tank that week.

Firewood is to be stored in a neat and orderly fashion on rack no larger than 8' long 4’ wide and 4' high. Keep amount of wood storage moderate so that the lot looks neat. Animals including snakes, bugs, and bees move into woodpiles that have little or no activity. Pallets must be disassembled and stacked the same day you bring them into the park. Firewood is not to be stacked over 4 feet high or stacked against the electric poles.

Anyone selling their RV/Camper unit in the park can only sell their unit, not their lot. For Sale signs are not to be displayed on the lot, just in camper windows or on the face of the camper. You can also give your information to the office, and we will be happy to post it there. There is no automatic transfer of site lease to the buyer, they will need to sign their own lease for the site, and if you sell your RV unit prior to seasons end, there will be no refund for the balance of the season. If you require our assistance to show your camper or assist in the sale, we will require a 5% sales commission fee, only if we are actively involved with helping you to get your unit sold. Otherwise, it is up to you to be here to show your own camper without our assistance.

Do not deface, cut or destroy the Parks trees or foliage. Do not put nails, screws, or anything into the trees. Do not cut or mutilate any tree. If you think a tree is dead, please alert someone in the office. Once you plant something on Long Lake property it then becomes Long Lake property. Do not remove any plants, shrubs or trees upon your departure.

The playground is designed for children 12 and under. Ages 12 and under should be accompanied by an adult while on the playground to avert any injuries. Be considerate of others and the equipment: NO rough play, throwing of stones, or climbing up the slides on the outside. Take turns and only one person at a time per swing. Use the equipment properly and respectfully. Baby swings are for 3 and under.

No glass containers in Playground area.

No smoking or PETS in playground area.

Trash cans are located in and around this area, please use them, do not leave trash behind.

Insurance on your camper is your responsibility; Long Lake is not responsible for any damages, man-made or Mother Nature made that may occur to your unit. The management and owners of Long Lake will not be responsible for any loss occurring in the park due to theft, fire, property damage, or personal injury. Anyone entering the campground does so at their own risk.

Despite the dangers of camping in the outdoors, the campsite user hereby accepts the risk.  Furthermore, Campsite User hereby releases Long Lake Park Campground and Hawkins Homes, Inc., its shareholders, agents, and management for any present or future claims. INCLUDING A CLAIM FOR NEGLIGENCE, for property damage, personal injury or death arising from any participation in any Camping activity, recreational activity, swimming, boating or actions of another Campsite User or guest of a Campsite User. Campsite User further specifically agrees to indemnify and hold the owner harmless from any and all damages, wrongful death, or injuries of every kind arising out of the operation or use of Campsite Users site, unit or camping equipment.

Anyone who creates a NUISANCE will be asked to leave without refund.

Use potable water hoses to the RV unit. Non-potable water hoses will rupture in the sun. Water will run unnoticed draining the wells, NOTE: TURN OFF WATER AT THE WATER POST WHEN LEAVING THE CAMPER FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY.

Quiet hours are from 11pm to 8am.

Please be considerate of those around you.  Your music is for your enjoyment and should not be heard off your campsite. No corn hole after 11pm. These rules are strictly enforced, and violations are not taken lightly.

All concealed carry license holders must be registered at the office.

Our speed limit is 5 MPH in the park for ALL modes of transportation. Please obey the 5 MPH and watch out for the safety of all our kids. We will remove your driving privileges if you continue to violate the rule.

You are allowed to wash your campers M-F from 8AM – 5PM. Campers are NOT to be washed during a HOLIDAY WEEKEND or when the Holiday starts on a Friday or carries over to a Monday. If you have concerns, please visit the Store office to discuss.  

You are required to wash your camper at least once a summer.

You must have at least one person 21 years of age on the campsite to be able to stay.

Your campsite is for 2 adults and your children under the age of 18 or still in college.  Your children 18 and older are adults and are not included in your lot rent. The kids’ friends, your friends, neighbors and family are considered guests and must register BEFORE they proceed to your campsite. All guests will be charged!

A day guest pass fee is $7.  Checkout is 11PM.  An overnight guest pass is $12.  Checkout is 1PM.

Alcoholic beverages must be kept in moderation, under control and on your campsite. Glass bottles are not permitted off your campsite for any reason, and this includes on golf carts.

No smoking in any area or building owned by Long Lake Park. This includes Shower house, clubhouse, store, playground, pavilion or pool. PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUTTS with you!





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